Dr. Roe is a girl with a microscope and she’s NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!!

Mother of 12 (His 5, Her 5, and Their 2); Grandmother of 20!!!

Dr. Roe will tell you she “didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up, until she was almost 50!” In 2009 a hysterectomy left her bedridden for four (4) months, on a wound vac, with daily nurse care. Physical therapists came three times a week to teach her how to use her right leg and walk again! Pain killers and muscle relaxants were not making her well. Desperate to feel normal and get better, she began researching from what she called her “death bed” the advantages of alkaline vs acid foods, beverages, even thoughts. Having been introduced to the microscopic world by a science tutor helping with her two youngest boys, who were homeschooled, she feel in love with the study of microscopic live and dry blood drop analysis. She was honored to be selected to train in the manner of two of the nation’s greatest microscopists. She began sharing her knowledge and findings with her family and friends. She went on to get certification in every course she could get into leading up to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. She’ll never stop learning.

Out of necessity, for her client’s health, she started a water purification company called AAAH Water specializing in strong antioxidant, alkaline rich drinking water; contaminant reduction for the whole house to protect families from toxins absorbed while bathing or merely washing their hands; and water softening to protect pipes, appliances, skin and hair. She not only teaches proper hydration based on body size and age, but she will help you enjoy your favorite foods WITHOUT allowing them to destroy your health. For nearly ten years now, she has taught countless numbers of people to improve their health, avoid scheduled hospice, and live productive, healthy, thriving lives!

You truly are what you drink, eat, breathe, move, eliminate and think!

Take charge! Get healthy.

To book a phone or office consult with Dr. Roe visit: http://www.BookHealthy.us

Naturopathic Doctor
Natural Health Practitioner
Blood Health Microscopist
Certified Health Specialist
pH Food Coach
Alkaline Water Specialist

Specializing in:
Live and Dry Blood Microscopic Analysis
Reflexology / Spine Therapy / Acupressure
Custom Bach Flower Remedies
Essential Oils / Herbology / Homeopathy
Iridology / Jin Shin Jysutsu / Quantum Touch
Healing Touch / Hydration / Colored Salt Therapy
Cooking Classes / UnCooking Classes

AAAH Water & Health LLC
Affordable Alkaline Water pHor Your Health!
305 E. Ramsey (inside the Moade Center)
San Antonio, TX 78216

pHone: 210.880.4321


I can’t thank you enough for all of your extremely kind and patient help with our new RV Water Filter System. You are amazing and I so much appreciate all of the time and information you have given us. My kids (aged 9-19) still talk about the warnings you pointed out as you discussed their blood samples. You used easy language and each of us came away with something we could ACTUALLY use! Now that we have been drinking the water on a daily basis, our health has improved and our hydration is going up up up!!!! It is a rare pleasure to do business with a company like yours. Be assured that I will recommend you every chance I get. Kindest regards.

John Hopkinson and Family

My little Ben still talks about “building his vegetable trampoline”. He’s also started snacking on cucumbers! The other day we offered them soda and Ben said, “Nope. No soda for me. I don’t want ninja stars in my blood.”

Andrea C.

It is really true! My veggies are staying fresh the Dr. Roe way! Thanks for your inspiring teaching.

Lara Lee Pater

So when you left yesterday after you set up my alkaline water system, I refilled my glass again. When I stopped for air I realized I said AAAH!

Kimberley C.

I’ve been drinking a lot more water since Dr. Roe’s company added an alkaline filter to my kitchen faucet. Who knew water could taste so delicious?!! Also, if you’ve never had your blood read, it it truly an eye-opening experience to see that what you put into your body really does effect every cell. Seeing it on the screen makes you think twice about your food choices. Dr. Roe spends a great deal of time with you, makes the best lunch, and gives you lots of information to set your life on a better path.

Teresa A.

I love my water! If I did the things you have told me to do consistently I would stay feeling good.

Samantha Hrapek

I love all the advise you have given, it has been wonderful! My husband has lost 12 lbs in a month and a half and Israel has eaten so much better!

Jaquelynne S

When Dr. Roe, my Natural Health Practitioner and Food Coach, first met with me I was taking 427 units of insulin daily. After I began drinking her truly affordable alkaline water and eating “Vegetables with every meal including breakfast” (like she always says) I only need 60 units of long lasting levimir insulin per day 30 units morning 30 units bedtime. I have lost 127 pounds and I am completely off oxygen! I have done this while being confined to a wheelchair, I exercise and use the pool daily. If you would like to contact me, contact Dr. Roe for my information.

Richard McDonald