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Per Hour

Have you always wanted to eat healthy, but tire of the same boring meals day after day? It’s time for a DeliciouslyHealthy.Life Each class is designed to introduce new foods that have significant health benefits. Don’t miss out.

Group Classes are available with discount pricing. Just tell us how many friends you want to get together and what you have in mind to learn.


Join us for a DeliciouslyHealthy.Life:

Healthy Cooking Classes: $75 per hour, plus the reimbursement cost of groceries.

To schedule, please call the office directly at 210.880.4321

All special diets. Any cuisine. Don’t be shy, what do you want to learn to cook?

Need some starter suggestions:

Sample Class #1
Ever wonder how much water you should drink daily? Do you have trouble getting enough water into your routine? Do you dislike the taste of water? No worries. Learn fabulous flavored water recipes and treats you can enjoy year round.

Sample Class #2
SEED & NUT MILKS for 42 Cents a GALLON!!!
Learn the health benefits of seed & nut milks ranging from good fats, higher protein, PLUS A BONUS: kill or prevent parasites! You’ll be learning two beverage recipes at this class that you’ll want to incorporate as part of your regular meal prep. Both take less than three minutes in the kitchen.

Sample Class #3
FIGS ANYONE? Savory or Sweet? Fresh or Dried? How do you like them? If your fig bush is like mine, you could use figs in your meals every day between July and November! Fig Newtons aren’t the only recipe in town.

Sample Class #4
CAULIFLOWER IS YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND! Even people who tell me they HATE cauliflower suddenly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Come hungry because we are going to be eating some AWESOME dishes the entire family will enjoy! FYI, cauliflower is excellent health food for a man’s prostate. Who knew? Now YOU do!


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