eBook – “Healthy Blood = Healthy People”


by Rosemarie Montgomery, ND, BHM, CHS
Doctor of Natural Health
Blood Health Microscopy
Certified Health Specialist

Get a full PDF copy of the eBook Dr. Roe uses for her classes. Over 200 illustrated pages, (an easy read) filled with helpful information, history, and recipes. Take charge. Get healthy!


Whether you were able to attend one of Rosemarie Montgomery’s classes, or you missed it, you’ll want to download this eBook transcript of the slides she teaches from in this PDF eBook form. Great information! An easy read you’ll want to refer to again and again.

You truly ARE what you eat, drink and think!

Everything we put in our mouths or on our skin will end up in our blood. Will those choices help build healthy new blood cells or cause damage to our existing blood cells. Read and learn the seven (7) simple steps to optimal health. It’s THAT easy and it’s THAT important! Start today.

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