Four Months to a Healthier You, Inside and Out!


There is no better time than NOW to start your health journey.

Four months to a Healthier you, inside and out!
Working Together, Step By Step!

Please call our office to make payment for this customized program.

pH: 210.880.4321

Bundled Services, Products & Programs Save MORE:


Our health education package is customized for you.


1. Education that could save your life, PRICELESS!
2. Weekly Office Consult, Accountability, Weigh-in (16 Consults @ $75 – $1200 ala carte’)
3. Monthly Live & Dry Blood Analysis (5 Observations @ $200, $75×4, reports, photos, comparisons), – $500 ala carte’)
4. Laboratory Blood Analysis & Comparison – Week 1 and Week 16 (2 @ $400 – $800 ala carte’)
5. Whole Body Vibration & Sauna Detox Sessions 2x per week (32 @ $15 detox sessions $480 ala carte’)
6. Weekly Meditation Class (16 @ $20 meditation classes – $320 ala carte’)
Choose From: Focus on You; Guided Meditation; Doodle Meditation
7. Bi-Monthly Cooking Demos and Group Dinners (8 @ $5 Dinners – $40 donations ala carte’)
8. Weekly Reflexology Stress Relief Sessions (16 @ $125 Therapies – $2000 ala carte’)
9. Salt Detox Therapy (8 @ $10 – $80 ala carte’)
10. Four Monthly Sets of Healthy Nutrition Support of Delicious Shakes, Protein, Chlorophyll & B12 Therapy, Essential Oils & Custom Bach Flower Remedies (4 @ $434 – $1736 ala carte’)
11. Healthy Shopping Field Trip (1 Day – $200 ala carte’)
12. Dining in San Antonio Field Trip (2 Days – $200 ala carte’)
13. Alkaline Water System for your Home, Rental, Apartment, Condo or RV ($1295 ala carte’)
14. First Year Alkaline Water System Filter Change (1 @ $468 ala carte’)

Additional Groceries Not Included.

If you don’t need or want one of these items, you can apply the credit towards extending your package length, or use the credit towards additional products or services offered by H.E.A.L.T.H. Natural Solutions.

*If travel to San Antonio and hotel accommodations for hands-on training is desired, it is not included in this package rate.

PLEASE NOTE: After you make your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download your certificate. The downloaded file will appear at the bottom of your screen or in your “Download” folder.

If paying online by credit card, your banking statement will show our AAAH Water PayPal information. You may pay with your own PayPal account or simply use your preferred credit or debit card. If you experience difficulty with downloading or receiving your purchase, or if you prefer to make your payment over the phone, please do not hesitate to contact us at 210.880.4321.


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