Live & Dry Blood Drop Analysis


See for yourself how quickly your body can heal itself by the foods and beverages you consume. With just a single droplet of blood from your finger tip, you will be able to see if your food choices are building healthy blood cells (which then become your tissue and organs) or if your choices are causing damage to your blood cells (and subsequently to your overall health.) You will learn how you can continue enjoying your favorite foods WITHOUT allowing them to cause damage to your health at the cellular level. We truly ARE what we eat, drink and think!


Get Your Blood Analysis

The phase contrast blood assessment and bright field live and dry blood analysis are used as a screening test to monitor metabolic dysfunction—thereby taking the guesswork out of diet determination and the selection of an appropriate nutrition regime.

The tests are administered by extracting a few drops of capillary blood from the fingertip. The blood is then placed on microscope slides to be observed through two different optical modalities of a high powered microscope. This technique enables a Microscopist —as well as a client— to observe and analyze the features of the blood terrain via video monitoring. Among the phenomena observed in the live and dry blood are:

– The level of activity of the immune system
– The condition of the red blood cells
– Liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, lung, prostate, ovary, breast and other organ stress
– Detection of the presence of parasites, yeast, fungus, mold, and the degree of pleomorphic activity
– Observation of features associated with blood sugar imbalance
– Observation of features associated with malabsorption of fats
– Observation of features associated with protein malabsorption
– Observation of features associated with nutrient malabsorption and vitamin deficiency
– Observation of crystalline forms such as protoplasts, fibrous thallus, uric acid, cholesterol, and mycotoxins
– Observation of features associated with gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction
– Observation of features associated with degenerative conditions

How Live Blood Analysis Can Help the Health Care Professional & Client:

Both the health care professional and the client will be able to see the characteristics of the client’s blood—live on a video screen which can give current information as it pertains to the biological terrain of that individual.(Abnormalities appear in the blood sometimes years before they manifest themselves as illness.) This information can assist the Health Care Professional and Client by:

– Giving early warning of possible oncoming problems
– Specifying conditions quickly and unambiguously
– Alerting clients to the advisability of specific medical referral
– Monitoring the condition before and after regimes
– Determining the effectiveness of various regimes
– Plant-based education.
– A blood test for detection and monitoring of metabolic dysfunction
– Personalized education classes that include a drop of fingertip blood analyzed, report, recipes, fresh produce storage preparation and healthy snack sampling.

Cost per person as follows:

1 = $200 per person
2 = $150 per person
3 = $125 per person
4+ = $100 per person

Follow-up blood observations = $75 per person

Follow-up observations are recommended every 30 days to monitor improvements; thereafter, every 4 months as it takes 120 days (4 months) to replace blood cells.
We truly are what we eat and drink!

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