Alkaline Power Stick

The power stick is about the size of your index finger and drops nicely into any individual bottle up to 1 quart. Simply shake for 30 seconds, let sit for 5 to 10+ minutes and enjoy the water with 9.0-9.5 pH with -200 antioxidants.
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Essential Oils

For everyone who knows me, you know I do not recommend a whole lot of anything for health outside of alkaline water, plant-dominant foods, and colorful (never white) salts. In keeping true to me health beliefs, I highly recommend essential oils. Whether it’s a relaxing Lavender to soothe and give restful sleep from a simple inhale; or, Oregano that has been double blind tested against Penicillin and Amoxicillin come out the victor with ZERO side effects when rubbed on the soles of your feet. Every household should have an essential kit of oils in their medicine cabinet. There is an oil to replace everything you might have stashed in yours. The majority are also edible. Mix in water. Add to recipes. Feel the benefits.

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Alkaline Water Products

Regardless of how much you drink tap and bottled water are too acidic and largely structured (20 micron) to penetrate and properly hydrate your cells. AAAH Water is microclustered (only 5 micron), capable of penetrating and flushing acids away from the smallest cells!

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What Our Customers are Saying

I can’t thank you enough for all of your extremely kind and patient help with our new RV Water Filter System. You are amazing and I so much appreciate all of the time and information you have given us. My kids (aged 9-19) still talk about the warnings you pointed out as you discussed their blood samples. You used easy language and each of us came away with something we could ACTUALLY use! Now that we have been drinking the water on a daily basis, our health has improved and our hydration is going up up up!!!! It is a rare pleasure to do business with a company like yours. Be assured that I will recommend you every chance I get. Kindest regards.

John Hopkinson and Family

I’ve been drinking a lot more water since Rosemarie Montgomery added an alkaline filter to my kitchen faucet. Who knew water could taste so delicious?!! Also, if you’ve never had your blood read, it it truly an eye-opening experience to see that what you put into your body really does effect every cell. Seeing it on the screen makes you think twice about your food choices. Rosemarie spends a great deal of time with you, makes the best lunch, and gives you lots of information to set your life on a better path.

Teresa A.

My little Ben still talks about “building his vegetable trampoline”. He’s also started snacking on cucumbers! The other day we offered them soda and Ben said, “Nope. No soda for me. I don’t want ninja stars in my blood.”

Andrea C.

I love my water! If I did the things you have told me to do consistently I would stay feeling good.

Samantha Hrapek