Drinking more water is the key to amazing health!

Ideally, you want to drink 1 quart of water
for every 30 pounds of body weight daily.  
It is important to spread your water intake throughout the day.
Dr. Roe, The Blood Lady

LeRoy E. Montgomery

Class III, Water Treatment Specialist
TCEQ License Number – WT0005704

Drink up! Say… AAAH Water

AAAH is an ancronym for Affordable Alkaline Antioxidant H2O
Hydration & Health

1 Quart for every 30 Pounds, Daily

By drinking the right amount of water for your body size (1 quart for every 30 lbs, daily, spread evenly throughout the day) and eating 75% veggies with only 25% white, tan, brown or yellow foods at every meal, (yes, including breakfast) you can actively do your part to minimize acids and prevent and/or reverse disease. It’s really that simple.

Dehydration is the number one cause of daytime fatigue, headaches, muddled thinking, arthritis pain, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, back pain, asthma, and more!

Drink up! Say … AAAH Water

You can only survive 40 days without food, 4 days without water and LESS than 4 minutes without air. AAAH Water gives you mineral rich water, full of the key nutrients your body craves. Our water is alkaline and microclustered small enough to penetrate and fully hydrate even your tiny red blood cells. Each glass is filled with antioxidant and oxygen rich properties that fully hydrate, refresh and rejuvenate your body from head to toe. Drink up! Say… AAAH Water.


Ground contaminants in well water occur naturally, yet are harmful when consumed such as: Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Cyanide, Iron, Nitrates, and Mercury — just to name a few. Contaminants such as these are found in most ground water sources, not to mention Jet Fuel and other air pollutants that fall from the sky, and Dioxins from factory waste. City water sources also add Fluoride and Chlorine to every ounce! Bottled waters have no minerals so they leach calcium and other nutrients from YOU!!! The toxins in your water from the plastic bottles alone are causing sickness that can be avoided.

Our affordable water purification systems reduce ground contaminants up to 99% before passing each droplet of water through a special re-mineralizing process that replaces the vital minerals our bodies crave. Alkaline pH levels of 8.0 to 10.5 taste smooth. Plus, its high levels of antioxidants flush free radicals, neutralize acidic, and disease causing toxins.

Free quotes are available. Kitchen, under-the-counter Alkaline Systems starting at only $1,495! Apartment and Rental property stainless steel portable systems are $1,695 (Landlord permission not needed, installation does not require drilling of any kind! You simply take it with you when you move.) RV Units Only $1,695 also.

Alkaline, High Efficiency, Non-Electric, plus 90% Waste Water Reduction systems.

Payment Options Available. Shipping Available Worldwide.

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